Fuji X Pro1 review

While it has a few flaws - specifically the speed of its AF system - we think that most serious photographers will find the Fuji X-Pro1 a joy to use. Low sensitivity images impress straight from the camera, having plenty of detail, pleasant colours and beautiful out of focus areas.

We liked

The camera produces beautiful, film-like images with good contrast and smooth out of focus areas.

We disliked

The continuous autofocus is locked to the centre point, and it's hard to access sharpness in the viewfinder when focusing manually.

Final verdict

If you are an experienced photographer who's not concerned about having scene modes and ultra-fast autofocusing, there's lots to like about the Fuji X-Pro1.

Setting the exposure via an aperture ring and a shutter speed dial seems to come naturally, and the combination of excellent noise control and fast lenses mean that you can shoot with the sensitivity set to automatic without any serious concerns.

Fuji's Quick menu system is one of the best and fastest to use that we have come across. If it could be made customisable, it would be just about perfect.

The hybrid viewfinder is also excellent, although it doesn't work as well as we might hope when focusing manually.

Most importantly, however, the images from the Fuji X-Pro1 are superb. They may not have quite the detail that some full-frame cameras are capable of capturing, but they can beat these bigger beasts for dynamic range and noise control.

Well done Fuji.