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Ricoh CX5 review

Is the CX4 upgrade an expensive point and shoot camera, or does it offer something extra?

Ricoh CX5
A compact shooter for holiday photography, but it's not as high-end as it looks


  • Good price
  • Sleek looks
  • 10x zoom


  • Lack of RAW shooting
  • Fiddly joystick
  • Difficult to navigate menu

The latest version of Ricoh's CX compact cameras was released just a few months after its predecessor, the CX4, which in turn was only released a few months after the CX3. With a new version seemingly appearing with increasing regularity, is it worth upgrading to the Ricoh CX5 or sticking it out until the next version?

Outwardly, you would be hard pushed to immediately spot the difference between the CX5 and the older CX4. Inside, though, Ricoh boasts a faster autofocus speed, promising to be twice as quick as the CX4, thanks to a new hybrid AF system.

Another new feature is the Super-resolution function, which enables magnification of up 2x for telephoto shooting at up to 600mm equivalent.

With a full price of £250 in the UK or $219 in the US, the Ricoh CX5 isn't significantly cheaper than premium compacts such as the Canon PowerShot S95 and Panasonic Lumix LX5. But despite its sleek black appearance suggesting otherwise, the Ricoh isn't equipped with advanced features such as raw shooting.

It does boast an impressive 10x optical zoom (28-300mm equivalent), though, which could come in handy for travel photography and the like.