LG 55EC930V OLED review

Second generation 55-inch curved LG OLED makes Full HD fashionable again

LG 55EC930V OLED review

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The LG EC930V is the first in a new breed of eagerly anticipated webOS OLED TV offerings, and I'm suitably impressed. Astonishingly thin and offering an image that combines hitherto unseen dynamics with rich colour fidelity and exquisite levels of detail, this LG may not be cheap but it certainly doesn't disappoint.

While it's perhaps a shame that currently there is no flat version to opt for, as the curve itself is divisive, the set is a good deal smarter than its principal competition. The refreshingly uncomplicated WebOS user interface is fun and intuitive to use, particularly when waving the Bluetooth Magic Remote.

While the set may be light on catch-up services, given LG's track record in this department I'm optimistic that a full compliment of mainstream services will appear in due course.

This OLED screen even makes a valiant job of sounding half decent, offering a full-bodied mid-range that sounds fine with most content sources despite its admirable slimness. The set's 3D performance is also perfectly enjoyable, with no overt crosstalk double imaging to spoil the fun.

2015 could well be the year that OLED finally breaks through into the mainstream. If you want an early look at the screen tech everyone's going to be talking about, get an audition of this 55-incher sooner rather than later. I suspect you're rather going to love it.

We liked

With pitch perfect blacks and intense white highlights, the 55EC930V sets a new standard when it comes to dynamic range. It's as close to tomorrow's mooted HDR (High Dynamic Range) TV standard as you're likely to see today – and it looks superb with letterbox movies on Blu-ray. Colour reproduction is also hyper realistic. LG's Smart+ webOS platform also proves deliciously intuitive to use.

We disliked

LG's predilection for curved panels is a potential stumbling point for some buyers. Cosmetically, the screen looks great but I still struggle to believe there's any genuine user benefit to be had by going around the bend. Curvature creates a viewing sweet spot, particularly with 3D content, and looks warped with programme and onscreen graphics. It also seems to encourage all sorts of unusual ambient light reflections.


The LG 55EC930V is a television ripped from the science labs of Tomorrowland. The first Full HD OLED to incorporate LG's webOS Smart platform, it provides a compelling, curved TV viewing experience that belies its everyday 1080p resolution. Image quality is generally excellent, with unprecedented black level performance and dynamics.

Like plasma before it, OLED offers a wonderfully cinematic presentation, with the added benefit that it's even more dynamic than LED LCD. Despite wafer thinness, audio performance is surprisingly good and 3D appears clean and immersive. Of course, there's a price premium for such new tech, but if you can dig deep enough you'll not be disappointed.

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