LG Minibeam PH300 review

A worthy contender in the portable projector space

LG PH300
LG PH300

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It's hard not to like something so small and so effective. Although there are a few major flaws, you probably won't do much better for the amount you'll spend on the Minibeam.

We Liked

The main draw to the LG Minibeam PH300 is its sheer mobility. The size and weight of the device is such that it's extremely easy to just throw in a bag and go. Combined with its built-in battery, the PH300 makes for an excellent option if you find yourself hopping around the city from sales pitch to sales pitch.

Though it lacks wireless connectivity options that you may find in other projectors, you'll enjoy ample file support through the included HDMI and USB ports. Besides, you can simply add a Chromecast to your setup and you have a ready-to-go solution for running your next presentation sans wires. Plus, the added TV tuner is an interesting inclusion if you plan to use the PH300 in a home setup.

Finally, despite its 300 lumen bulb, the picture quality on this little guy is fantastic. With support for 720p, excellent color controls, and included Auto Keystone for correcting vertical distortions, your presentations and videos will certainly hold up well.

We disliked

For its portability, you're definitely making some tradeoffs with the PH300. With no wireless connectivity options built in, you're looking at having to tote around at least an HDMI cable, in addition to a USB stick or two.

On that same topic, Bluetooth audio is one area where the PH300 would really benefit. The built-in speakers are utterly disappointing, and though that issue can be remedied with an external speaker setup, you're stuck with toting around yet another cable if you need to work around that limitation.

Additionally, though it may not be doable in its current form factor, a built-in SD card slot would have been nice to see for those that prefer SD to USB.

Finally, despite its excellent image quality, you're going to want to stick with dim-to-dark environments with this one. If you have control over the lighting in your presentation space, you should be fine. However, if your next sales pitch is in a sun-drenched meeting room, the PH300 may not hold up well.

Final Verdict

The LG Minibeam PH300 is definitely a worthy contender for those looking for a portable projector solution. At a list price of $450, it's a great projector that won't break the bank. However, if connectivity and wireless options are your main concern, you might be better served by other projectors on the market. That being said, the LG Minibeam PH300 certainly competes with others in its class on size and display capabilities, and its shortfalls can be overcome with a little ingenuity.