AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair review

A stylish yet affordable seat

AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair in a black room with large vertical neon lights shining behind it
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The AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a slick-looking gaming chair that’s reasonably comfortable and more budget-friendly than much of its competition. Sure, you can find better options out there, but if you’re looking for a simple gaming seat that won’t embarrass you on Zoom meetings, you can’t go wrong with an AndaSeat Jungle 2.


  • +

    Affordable, yet stylish

  • +

    Great chair for the home office

  • +

    Good fit for people under 5ft 9in


  • -

    Boring all-black design

  • -

    Unnecessary footrest

  • -

    Compact seat

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The AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair is a sophisticated-looking, affordable seat that’s sure to attract those looking for a gaming chair that will also suit a home office.

This black, PVC leather-clad seat features black linen accents that offer both a premium finish and an expensive look, one worth more than its $300 / £250 (around AU$415) price tag. However, the comfort it provides pales in comparison to that of more expensive options.

The high-density foam and lumbar pillows will help you maintain an excellent posture, but there’s no memory foam, so you’ll find the support will feel inadequate. Furthermore, the maker’s decision to opt for 2D armrests instead of 4D alternatives may leave some people with broad shoulders feeling a little cramped in the chair.

For some people, the Jungle 2’s smaller seat will also feel a little restricting. You can sit in it normally, but you might struggle to cross your legs or bring your feet up, which can be annoying for those of us who really like to get comfortable in a chair. 

The Jungle 2’s small size isn’t a complete drawback. Unlike most gaming chairs, which generally seem to be targeted at taller people, the Jungle 2 is designed to accommodate people who are up to 5ft 9in, giving smaller folk a sophisticated gaming chair option.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Future)


Max rec. height: 5ft 9in (175cm)
Max rec. weight:
330 pounds (150kg)
PVC leather and linen fabric

The Jungle 2 is a smart, professional-looking seat that doesn’t scream ‘gaming chair’ at first glance. There is only one Jungle 2 option offered, and it features sleek black PVC leather that’s accented with soft linen fabric, providing a premium, sophisticated style that will complement any home office.

That being said, the mature-looking Jungle 2 is no less capable as a gaming chair (those after a more colorful affair will want to check out options like AndaSeat’s Spider-Man edition). 

The seat’s frame is made from durable steel and coated head to toe in high-density foam that is firm yet springy. The Jungle 2 also comes with lumbar and head pillows that can be adjusted to provide support for as long as you require. 

The chair’s build specifications mean it can support a weight of up to 330 pounds (150kg) and accommodate folks who measure up to 5ft 9in tall (175cm). Our reviewer, who measures 5ft 9in, found they were indeed at the upper limit of what this seat could accommodate height-wise. The neck pillow required a little adjusting for each use and they fit snugly between the armrests.

Unfortunately, the design isn’t perfect. One issue has to do with cleaning. While the linen accents are an elegant touch, these surfaces won’t be as easy to wipe clean as surfaces covered with PVC leather.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: AndaSeat)

Additionally, the Jungle 2’s footrest might add an extra layer of perceived opulence, but the design could have been executed better. Sure putting your feet up can be comfortable,  but the installation was tricky and the operation was awkward and inconvenient.

As mentioned earlier, we also found the chair to feel a little more compact than competitors on the market. You can sit in the chair in a traditional manner without feeling cramped, but those of us who aren’t really petite will find little room to sit cross-legged or with your legs tucked up.


AndaSeat has been designing and developing gaming chairs since 2007 so even this more budget-friendly option benefits from the company’s years of experience creating comfortable, ergonomic chairs.

Thanks to the Jungle 2’s shape and padding, you can easily sit in it for hours at a time - all the while maintaining good posture. If you’re looking to lean back a bit, take a mid-play or mid-work nap, you can take advantage of the chair’s 160° max recline angle.

But this gaming chair lacks some premium features, which is reflected in its price. For example, the pillows do not appear to be made from memory foam, and so they offer less support than memory foam alternatives. Additionally, unlike some of AndaSeat’s more premium chairs, you’ll have to make do with 2D armrests rather than 4D ones, which means they can only be moved up, down, and rotated left or right.

This isn’t an absolute deal-breaker, except for those who have broader shoulders. If that’s you, you might long for the ability to move the rests in and out to make them that bit more comfortable to use.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Future)

As mentioned above, the seat is also more compact than in other chairs we’ve tested. If you’re most comfortable sitting up straight, this won’t be an issue at all; but if you find sitting cross-legged best - or like to swap between different positions - you’ll find other options may suit you better.

Finally, the footrest is there to provide some extra support, but implementation is inconvenient. This flaw doesn’t detract from the chair’s overall comfort, but don’t expect to find yourself nodding off too easily if you decide to pull the rest out and lean back.

Buy it if… 

You want a 'non-gamer' chair
If you need a chair in your home office for both work and play, this chair looks professional enough for a Zoom call.

You’re on a budget
Priced at just $300 / £250 (around AU$415), this gaming chair is a fairly budget-friendly pick that offers comfort - though it lacks some premium features. 

You’re on the smaller side
This seat offers a more sophisticated, mature option for people on the smaller side. 

Don't buy it if… 

You want a striking chair
The black-on-black design will satisfy a lot of people, but others may prefer a more bold look. 

You want supreme comfort
The Jungle 2 foregoes certain premium comfort options in order to help bring down cost: supreme comfort will require a bigger budget. 

You can’t sit straight
Plenty of people - this reviewer included - hate having to sit in one rigid position. If you want the freedom to sit however you want, you’ll want a bigger seat than this one.

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