X slashes prices for "verified organization" memberships as it targets SMBs

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Social media site X has announced an 80% price reduction for its Verified Organizations subscription, bringing the monthly fee to $200, but only certain businesses will be eligible.

A new Basic tier has been added beneath the fully-fledged, $1,000-per-month Verified Organizations subscription, as the struggling social media platform looks to attract SMB customers.

The news was shared by the @Verified account on January 2, but updates to the platform’s Verified website are yet to occur.

X Verified Organizations Basic

The Musk-owned platform, now headed up by CEO Linda Yacarino, pushes its Verified Organizations subscription to organizations and enterprises for $1,000 per month. The fee includes verification with a golden tick (designed to distinguish businesses and individuals) and a secondary icon that’s shared across all affiliated accounts to confirm brand identity.

Additional accounts are added for $50 per month. Verified Organizations also provides defense against impersonation as well as X Premium features, like premium support.

It’s unclear whether Verified Organizations Basic will get access to all of the same features, including support for additional accounts. Eligibility criteria is also an unknown factor at this stage.

Responses in the comments have been pretty mixed – some SMBs are happy to see a much cheaper plan being introduced, while others continue to mock X for charging hundreds of dollars a month for little more than a checkmark. Still, a lot of naysayers were Premium subscribers themselves.

Four levels of personal accounts are available to individuals – the regular free version, Basic, Premium, and Premium+. The blue checkmark is available on Premium and higher, so will cost at least $8 per month or $84 annually.

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