GoDaddy makes collaborating with its website designers more efficient

GoDaddy Website Design Hub
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GoDaddy has announced a new tool designed to make creating and designing a powerful and effective website easier for small business owners.

With the launch of Website Design Hub, GoDaddy hopes to offer a more simplified, modern website builder and designing interface that revolves around a user-friendly, centralized dashboard.

Stating that a website could be one of a business’s best investments, the Website Design Hub adds to the existing GoDaddy Website Design Service to provide a more intuitive and less technical way of growing an online presence.

GoDaddy new hub for reaching its designers

The company said that entrepreneurs will be able to work through their website development “at their own pace” while keeping tabs on progress via a centralized dashboard.

GoDaddy Senior Product Manager of Websites, Utkarsh Narvekar, said: “By introducing the Website Design Hub, customers have a more simplified, modern way to be involved in their website build.”

The new feature is hoped to improve communication between entrepreneurs and design advisors, which in turn will speed up the revision process. Previously, users relied on emails and phone calls for updates on their site’s progress, which arguably share less context than a dedicated, built-in hub.

Although this improved online connection promises to boost efficiency, business customers can still schedule appointments for more detailed discussions.

As well as this, the Website Design Hub serves as a central repository for media and other project information in order to ensure continuity and accurate brand reflection during the design process.

Customers looking to take advantage of the new hub should request a callback from GoDaddy by selecting their chosen site: standard for up to four pages, premium for up to 10 pages, and a premium web store for a greater focus on ecommerce.

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