This new website builder lets restaurateurs launch their own website in minutes

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Integrated payments technology company Shift4 has revealed a new AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of creating websites for restaurateurs. 

SkyTab Website Builder, targeted specifically at the hospitality industry, is set to be offered as a no-cost option to customers already using Shift4’s SkyTab POS system, positioning both products as high-value options for those with an eye on their expenses.

Like any other product launch in 2024, artificial intelligence takes center stage, and Shift4 reckons it can cut the website-building process from hours or days to just minutes.

Shift4’s SkyTab Website Builder launches, free for some

Traditionally, launching a website is a time-consuming and expensive effort. SkyTab Website Builder works by asking a user for certain details about the businesses, and uses AI to populate most of the content.

With the foundation taken care of, users can then apply their own themes and branding to further personalize the site. The site works with SkyTab’s other services, like table reservations and online ordering, as well as the sale of gift cards and connecting the site with social media accounts.

Dave Hoffman, CPO for Shift4, emphasized the importance of an online presence for restaurants: “SkyTab is an all-in-one platform for restaurants – from online ordering and mobile solutions to marketing and loyalty. SkyTab Website Builder expands this ecosystem with a powerful tool for restaurants to better manage and grow their business.”

Customers can sign up on SkyTab’s website or schedule a demo with a member of staff.

Shift4 isn’t the only company looking to roll out AI across its website-building platforms, though, with the likes of Wix and Namecheap also jumping on the trend.

However, for existing customers, the free addition of an easy-to-use AI website builder adds a lot of value, and it could be enough to tempt some away from other providers, marking what could end up being a smart move for the company.

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