Even our favorite budget office chair can't compete with Corsair's half-price flash sale

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Popular gaming brand Corsair have announced a flash sale on a range of chairs that we think are perfect for the home office. 

Don’t let the gaming moniker fool you - we’ve assembled and tested the best office chairs and for us, the Corsair range is some of the most comfortable we’ve sat in. Better still, we find the designs are smart, professional, seamlessly slipping into any office or home office. The incredibly comfortable and stylish Corisar TC100 Relaxed even takes top spot for our favorite budget office chair. 

Now, some upgraded models are even cheaper in the surprise Corsair sale. In our experience building and testing desk seats, if you need a chair for work and play, at around the $200 mark, these deals are worth exploring. 

Corsair TC200: was $400Now $220 at Corsair
Save $180

Corsair TC200: was $400 Now $220 at Corsair
Save $180
A soft fabric gaming chair that’s smart and simple to blend into the home office environment, the Corsair TC200 boasts all office chair essentials, including proper lumbar support, a comfortable 180-degree recline, and 4D armrests. We’d recommend the fabric version for extra breathability during prolonged use, although a plush leatherette variant is available from Corsair.  

Corsair T2 Road Warrior: was $420Now $210 at Corsair
Save $210

Corsair T2 Road Warrior: was $420 Now $210 at Corsair
Save $210
An eye-catching chair that comes in black-blue and black-white colorways, the T2 Road Warrior is a neat, streamlined chair with a wide seat and tall back that should comfortably fit most body types. It also features 4D armrests, 170-degree recline, and adjustable neck and lumbar support for long hours sitting down.  

Corsair T1 Race:was $370Now $185 at Corsair
Save $185

Corsair T1 Race: was $370 Now $185 at Corsair
Save $185
Like the T2 Road Warrior, Corsair’s T1 Race is designed with a wider seat and taller back for a range of body types. You can pick this up in a blue-black design or the arguably less office-friendly black-yellow. 4D armrests, a durable frame, and 180-degree recline round-out the feature-set. 

Corsair TC100 Relaxed: Available for $250 at Corsair

Corsair TC100 Relaxed: Available for $250 at Corsair
It may not be included in the flash sale, but this is our top pick for both budget office chair and budget gaming chair. As expected at this price-point, it’s not packed with features, but we did find sitting in it extremely comfortable. The TC100 Relaxed is a simple, stylish chair that features great neck, back, and lumbar support. For more, see our Corsair TC100 Relaxed review.  

Outside the US? Our deal-finders are always monitoring the best deals on office chairs in your region.

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