Sustainable IT ideas aren't being taken seriously - despite the big savings they offer

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Despite the healthy cost savings promised by sustainable IT initiatives, a new report by Gartner has revealed green tech options are still going underutilized.

The survey of 200 executive leaders from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific found fewer than one in three organizations have adopted sustainable IT.

Transparency around emissions performance data from vendors is instrumental to adoption, but the study’s respondents claim that a lack of information is a major challenge.

Businesses are struggling to adopt sustainable tech

Around two in three (64%) say they do not receive the emissions performance data they need from vendors. Kristin Moyer, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, commented: “Because of these limitations, some executive leaders struggle to prioritize sustainable IT initiatives or know where to start.”

Gartner noted significant progress had been made in data center (86%) and digital workplace (79%) initiatives, where executive leaders have accomplished the most sustainable IT initiatives.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rightsizing and advanced cooling techniques like immersion, passive, and direct-to-chip cooling can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in data centers, however they have low adoption rates.

Closer to daily operations, only one in five (22%) are incorporating circularity by purchasing refurbished assets in the workplace in order to reduce both emissions and e-waste. Many organizations continue to refresh their devices based on a fixed life span, rather than using analytics to optimize replacement timing.

Looking ahead, Gartner anticipates the adoption of PC-as-a-service to grow to 50% of PC procurement by 2027, up from 20% last year. It says that the need for more sustainable and cost-effective IT practices will be key to driving this trend.

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