Cost concerns are holding back sustainability drive for many firms

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OVHcloud has claimed over a third (36%) of organizations are now measuring carbon emissions across all three scopes, which marks a positive step in the right direction toward sustainability.

However, the company's study projects a tiny 2% increase in this figure over the next five years, raising concerns about the pace of environmental progress within businesses.

OVHcloud claims cost concerns are having a negative impact on our progress toward reducing emissions, preventing many businesses from being as green as they could be.

Sustainability is becoming too expensive

Gregory Lebourg, Global Environment Director at OVHcloud, emphasized a key aspect that can help to drive sustainability: “Understanding your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions is a crucial step in any organization’s journey to becoming a more sustainable business.”

The figures come from a survey of 500 IT decision-makers and revealed that nearly half (45%) of companies see cost as a major challenge in adopting green initatives.

Around one in three (31%) admitted uncertainty or a definite inability to meet their sustainability goals in the next two years, acknowledging that technology can have a sizeable impact on progress. OVHcloud says that the slowdown, accentuated by costs, suggests a potential ‘green plateau’ in the coming years.

When questioned about their sustainability priorities over the next five years, 44% of respondents focused on recycling, 41% on optimizing energy consumption, and 29% on minimizing travel.

Lebourg also highlighted the positive influence of fluctuating energy prices, emphasizing that greener energies and efficiency improvements can help to both save money and cut emissions.

With the current landscape in mind, Lebourg summarized: “When correctly articulated, sustainability can also be frugality, which helps to build a compelling case for ROI.”

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