GoDaddy turns to ChatGPT to offer an easier way to generate domain names

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ChatGPT is making its way into software development at a rapid rate, with even the best domain registrar services getting in on the action.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the days when users would have to manually search for domain names are over.

Recently, ChatGPT collaborated with GoDaddy to generate relevant and available domain name options based on prompts. Laka Sriram, VP of Product, GoDaddy discusses its potential and the rationale behind the ChatGPT integration with TechRadar Pro.

Was there a demand that prompted the collaboration with ChatGPT to generate domains?

At GoDaddy, we are always looking at new ways to make starting and growing a business more accessible. The number of active users in ChatGPT has been exploding since its launch. 

This new GoDaddy plugin brings some of our core features into that channel and makes it easy for its users to ideate about domain names for their businesses. 

The plugin helps users identify great domain names that resonate well with their small business, checks if they are available, and provides a direct link to purchase them. 

All of this happens in a friction-free conversational manner within the ChatGPT interface without the need for any explicit invocations.

The launch is also part of GoDaddy’s overarching goal to leverage Generative AI across our products in ways that make owning and running a small business easier. 

Many small business owners are still unsure about utilizing ChatGPT and other AI platforms for their use cases - in fact, a recent GoDaddy study found that only 33% of small business owners can explain what Generative AI is - so applying this technology to a specific problem that small business owners face will, we hope, help to increase understanding of the technology and its benefits.

Will it come at an additional cost?

Right now, you need a premium ChatGPT (plus) account to use plugins. GoDaddy’s plugin is free and there are no plans to change that. 

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What will the ChatGPT integration mean for the manual method of searching for domains?

A lot of times, customers will know what name they want to search for, so that will still happen. But sometimes, during the exploration phase, customers aren’t sure what to call their business and that’s where this is so powerful. In addition to coming up with great names, it also checks the availability.

GoDaddy's ChatGPT plugin represents a significant step forward in simplifying the process of finding the perfect domain name. With GoDaddy's plugin, you can craft descriptive prompts, such as your business name or desired niche and you’ll receive a curated selection of available domains in a matter of seconds. We have provided a few prompt starters at the end if you’re unsure how to get started. 

What is the general success rate of ChatGPT suggesting a domain name that a business wants to buy based on the prompt starters?

Since the plug-in lives on OpenAI, we aren’t able to determine the exact success rate, but we know customers are finding and registering domain names every day.

How much time will it save roughly?

It could save potentially hours or days of work for a small business owner. Let’s imagine we’re a new bakery in the Houston area. We specialize in artisan breads and want to have a fun, quirky name. 

I ran this with the plugin, and within seconds I got domain names that ranged from sold domain names like to fun ones like and It took less than 10 seconds to get the suggestions from the tool. There is no way I would be able to come up with those names that quickly. 

Around 84 million domains are registered through GoDaddy, will this new feature boost the numbers significantly?

This plugin wasn’t built to boost registrations, but to help customers find the right domain name for their business. As Generative AI expands, we expect to see the use of AI increase when it comes to recommending domain names, not only in plugins like this but on our main website as well. 

What other growth strategies does GoDaddy have in the work for domain names?

GoDaddy launched Payable Domains earlier this year, enabling entrepreneurs to get paid quickly, even if they do not yet have an online store or website. 

As part of our dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and domain investors, GoDaddy continues to use new and existing technologies and strategies to make domain names available and accessible. 

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