Acronis gifts consumers boosted AI power for their cyber-protection

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Cybersecurity firm Acronis has announced the launch of a new software suite for consumers that includes AI-powered protection from cyber threats, the first example of its kind according to the company.

Formerly known as Acronis True Image, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office also offers a secure backup solution, and is designed for use by individuals, families, home office users, and small businesses.

Acronis believes that a solution that integrates both secure backup functionality and cyber protection is sorely needed, citing its own research that 61% of users would prefer this kind of integration.

Security and backup integration

The company added that, "by combining AI-powered defense mechanisms, robust data backup, remote management tools, and mobile device protection, Acronis sets the standard for holistic cyber protection."

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated thanks to the free availability of new and powerful AI tools, like ChatGPT, which allow bad actors to craft convincing phishing emails and code malware without needing the expertise. 

Gaidar Magdanurov, President at Acronis, made a similar point, saying, "with the advancements of AI, cybercriminals and their tactics are evolving... even those with limited tech expertise can impact a large number of individuals through the use of complex phishing and social engineering attacks."

In light of this fact, he concluded that, "protecting data, applications, and systems requires a complete cyber protection solution – integrated with security and data backup."

The AI embedded within Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office can find and neutralize threats, as well as automatically recover a user's data after suffering a ransomware attack, according to the firm.

It also claims that its backup solution allows for quick recovery of data following its loss or theft after a cyberattack. It also has a mobile app that can store and protect data on the device securely, whilst also making it available cross-platform and accessible anywhere via the app and web interface.

A remote management feature is included in the suite too, which allows users to monitor and manage their security protocols from any location. 


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