Sihoo Doro S300 ergonomic chair review

The Sihoo Doro S300 is a futuristic-looking ergonomic office chair with incredible comfort, some unique features, and a reasonable price tag.

Sihoo Doro S300
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TechRadar Verdict

The Sihoo Doro S300 is a solid choice for those who value comfort and ergonomic support without spending a fortune.


  • +

    Exceptional ergonomic support

  • +

    Adjustable armrests, seat depth, and lumbar support

  • +

    Breathable mesh back

  • +

    Affordable price point compared to competitors


  • -

    Limited color options

  • -

    Assembly can be tricky for some

  • -

    May lack premium finishes found in higher-end models

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Sihoo has introduced a new "gravity-defying" office chair that aims to redefine what it means to have the best ergonomic chair in the market. 

I've had the opportunity to test many of the best office chairs, including simple, cheap, and high-end chairs. The Sihoo Doro S300 is their most advanced ergonomic chair yet, designed to provide a weightless experience, full-body support, and dynamic lumbar support.

Sihoo Doro S300: Unboxing & first Impressions

Upon opening the box, I immediately noticed that this chair was unlike any other I had encountered. Some chairs come in one piece, while others require only a few main pieces to connect. However, this one was exceptional in every way. 

The back pieces were distinct, the chair was pretty heavy, and there were significantly more springs and adjustments than I am used to seeing in chairs. Additionally, there felt like quite a large number of pieces to assemble, taking me about 45 minutes to assemble, which is quite long.

Sihoo Doro S300

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Once I had finished assembling everything, I agreed with the marketing promotion that this chair appeared to defy gravity and resembled a space chair. The chair has a great look and a sophisticated design, making it highly customizable to suit the preferences and dimensions of virtually any user, which is excellent. Most chairs with lumbar support have a single lumbar section that spans the width of the backrest. 

This chair uniquely has two sections that hold your lower back in place on the left and right. I spent a few minutes dialing in my preferred tension settings and other height and armrest settings while getting used to the lower back support. In full transparency, it took a moment to get used to it, but I loved it once I got used to the feeling of this dual dynamic lumbar support.

Sihoo Doro S300

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Sihoo Doro S300: Design & build quality


Seat Depth: 17.13 - 18.11in

Seat Height: 18.11 - 21.65in

Weight Load: 300lb

Warranty: Extended 5-year warranty

This chair's overall design is unique, futuristic, and highly adjustable. The main selling points that Sihoo totes for this chair include their Anti-Gravity Mechanism, Dual Dynamic Lumbar Support, Cloud-like Mesh with Italian Velvet, and Premium Independent Backrest. In short, these incredible Aerospace-grade materials make the Doro S300 stand out, even among other Sihoo chairs.

Besides the design, game changers are two main elements that stood out to me. Firstly, the dual lumbar support provides lumbar support and helps align you with the center of the chair. This helps to cradle your back in the best way possible. It's as though you have some helping hands cradling the area of the back that usually hurts people like me the most, and it is highly appreciated. Secondly, the spring seat support significantly improves over column-based or no suspensions. Like a car, this chair has suspension, cushions my drop as I sit down, and adjusts, helping support my weight even if I sit unevenly. Most chairs I have tested have no suspension like this or a simple column-based solution that is far from as good.

Sihoo Doro S300

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Sihoo Doro S300: In use

I've used this chair daily at one of my workspaces for a few months. In that time, I have gotten comfortable and used to how this chair feels and how I feel using it, and I have firmed up a pretty solid feeling about it overall. 

The backrest and back support are among the best I have experienced. This chair holds me while I sit without forcing me to sit a certain way, which is truly impressive. It supports my lower back and mid-to-upper back very well.

The armrests on Sihoo chairs have always been a problem for me. I am used to armrests that can lock in place, but the Sihoo chairs I have reviewed, including the Sihoo Doro-C300, have highly movable armrests. While this is great for adjusting them to the perfect position, the problem is that they need to stay in place. This makes it difficult to lean on them because the armrest moves the second I add weight with a slight angle to the pressure I am adding.

Sihoo Doro S300

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

One more note, neither positive nor negative, is that this chair could have a headrest. If you like head support, this chair gives upper back support but stops around the neck area on me. For this workspace, I am okay with having a chair without a headrest; however, I would miss having one in my home office, where I relax and kick back to read. 

Lastly, the build quality of this chair has been fantastic over the last few months. I used tours heavily for a while to get a complete picture of how they work and what I do and don't like about them, and this chair has given me zero problems outside of the armrests being a bit too mobile. They have improved the armrests since my Doro-C300, but they are still too mobile for my liking. Outside, this chair has not creaked, slipped, worn, or shown any other sign of poor assembly or design.

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Sihoo Doro S300

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Sihoo Doro S300: Final verdict

The Sihoo Doro S300 is a high-quality ergonomic office chair. As mentioned, I have one frustration with this chair: the armrests do not lock in place. Other than that, this chair has been incredible for my workspace. It provides all-day comfort, supports me well, and looks gorgeous.

Sihoo promotes this chair as a space-like gravity-defying chair, and after trying it out for a few months, I can agree. Especially for the money, this chair is worth considering for your workspace.

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