Keeper Security now works with Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to securely log in to their apps

Apple Vision Pro on a person's head
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Keeper now has an app for the Apple Vision Pro, letting users of the password manager log in to their apps when using the headset.

Apple's headset allows for what is known as spatial computing, which blends physical and virtual reality into a single experience. Keeper therefore believes that "securing this evolving form of computing is critical."

The firm claims that the manager will work the same as it does on mobile devices, allowing users to autofill their credentials when they login to Vision Pro apps. They will be able to set Keeper as the default password manager instead of Apple's own iCloud Keychain. 

Good for business?

Keeper Security CTO Craig Lurey commented, “Apple Vision Pro has ushered in a new era of computing along with a fresh approach to how people interact with technology,” adding, "Keeper is thrilled to be a part of this by providing a seamless, secure and encrypted login experience through our Apple Vision Pro-compatible app."

Keeper also says that "business customers can also seamlessly login to Keeper with their single sign-on (SSO) solution."

While primarily a consumer device, Apple also appears to be aiming the Vision Pro at businesses too. It already supports the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools, as well as Zoom, Webex, TeamViewer, and cloud storage provider Box. Keeper itself also places a keen focus on business use cases.

Apple also announced that the headset would soon support Mobile Device Management (MDM) services too, so that organizations can keep track of all the headsets they have.

However, even though Keeper supports passkeys - the new cutting-edge credential system that replaces passwords - there was no mention that they would support them on the Apple Vision Pro. According to Apple, it appears that passkeys on the Vision Pro can only be used if they are stored with its iCloud Keychain.


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