Report: Apple has 90% of lucrative 5K+ display market — could be selling hundreds of thousands Studio Display and Pro Display XDR per year

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The latest analysis from TrendForce makes for bleak reading for most monitor manufacturers’ with the exception of Apple.

TrendForce’s latest findings reveal global monitor shipments declined 7.3% in 2023. The estimated 125 million units takes shipments below pre-pandemic levels, due in no small part to the current global economic crisis. Brighter days do lie ahead, however.

The company says “given the low shipment base in 2023, alongside the potential for a gradual economic recovery and the typical 4 to 5-year PC replacement cycle, PCs purchased during the pandemic are expected to be upgraded between the second half of 2024 and 2025. This is anticipated to drive a 2% increase in global monitor shipments in 2024, reaching approximately 128 million units.”

Apple dominates the 5K display market

The top three commercial monitor brands all saw over 20% YoY declines. For Dell it was a drop of 20.4%. HP declined further with 20.7%, and Lenovo was hit worst of all with a 21.4% drop.

Not every manufacturer saw declines however. AOC/Philips benefited from strong demand in China’s gaming market, recording an 8.8% increase in shipments. Acer strategically upgraded its 60/75Hz products to 100Hz with a minimal price difference, resulting in a 6.7% shipment boost.

There is good news for high-end products, such as gaming monitors, too. These have seen a noticeable shift from FHD to QHD. TrendForce told us that “the market share of QHD gaming monitors increased to 34% last year, and it is expected to further rise this year”.

While some brands have introduced 27-inch 5K products, the shipment volume is not substantial due to their pricey, high-end nature. This, as you might expect, is where Apple – with its top-end products and dedicated customer base - thrives. TrendForce puts the monthly shipment of 5K products at around 20-30k units, with over 90% attributed to Apple via its Studio Display and Pro Display XDR.

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