Microsoft Teams is getting a Copilot boost that it promises will make you much more productive

Microsoft Teams
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Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams could soon be a whole lot easier thanks to a host of new Copilot features and upgrades.

Microsoft has revealed a number of new AI-powered tools as it looks to ensure the video conferencing service remains helpful and useful for workers everywhere.

The tech giant's even promising that the Microsoft Teams tweaks will help boost productivity across the board, claiming that Copilot is already helping users save more than 10 hours a month on average.

Microsoft Teams Copilot

First up is a bid to boost the effectiveness of collaboration within Microsoft Teams using the chat and Copilot combined. Copilot in meetings will soon be able to take both the meeting chat and call transcript to generate information and insights, with a more in-depth view of exactly what was covered in the meeting available to all.

Users will also be able re-write any chat messages created using a custom prompt, if, for example, they are looking to add a call to action - with Microsoft saying that Copilot will soon also be able to generate a new message based on the context right in the Teams chat, saving users time by serving up a starting point.

Elsewhere, the intelligent call recap tool is getting a Copilot boost, coming to VoIP and PTSN calls in Teams alongside video meetings, providing insights and recaps of what was said to Teams Premium users.

For those of us keen to look their best on calls, Microsoft also revealed that its IntelliFrame tool will be enabled by default. This uses AI to identify individual video feeds of all in-room call participants, which can be particularly useful for Teams Rooms calls. 

The company's also bringing automatic camera switching for IntelliFrame, giving remote participants a much more involved view into a meeting room, ensuring they always have a clear view and boosting collaboration all-round. 

There's also a boost for microphone quality and capture, in order to improve the accuracy of call transcripts, and an addition of voice isolation to make calls in noisy locations much more pleasant for everyone involved.

"Our vision with Copilot is to bring the power of generative AI to everyone," Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the news. "We are committed to [continually improving] the Copilot experience in Teams to help everyone be more creative and productive.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams is nothing new, of course, with the AI assistant playing a key role in evolving and improving the service to reflect new ways of working around the world.

Previously, this included users being able to ask Copilot "any question" - with the answers allowing them to "discover insights".

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