Microsoft Teams is getting more Copilot AI - but will you actually use it?

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The power of AI could soon be coming to all your Microsoft Teams calls as the company prepares a major new update.

A (rather brief) new entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap has shed a little light on the role the company's Copilot assistant will play in Microsoft Teams, as AI continues to play a growing role across its entire product portfolio.

Mainly, Copilot in Microsoft Teams will look to offer a productivity and efficiency boost for workers everywhere, cutting through the boring admin and organizational tasks that can clog up a working day, and hopefully freeing up more time for the tasks that actually matter.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams

"Copilot in Microsoft Teams helps users stay organized and on top of all their information in chat, meetings, and calls," the update post reads, offering not much more beyond that for the time being.

Microsoft says that Teams users will be able to ask Copilot "any question" - presumably mainly concerning their work and contacts, with the answers allowing them to "discover insights".

If users can't think of a specific question, Copilot will present them with a number of suggested prompts, most likely focused around their recent meetings, most used files, or the contacts they chat to the most, with users also able to ask a "free text question" or their own creation.

Perhaps the most interesting detail is that the rollout of Copilot in Microsoft Teams is set to begin within the next few weeks, with an expected start date of "November 2023". When released, it will be available for Teams users across Windows desktop and web, Mac, Android and iOS.

The news is the latest part of Copilot's gradual rollout across the entire Microsoft 365 software suite as the company looks to ensure AI plays a major role in its work going forward.

The company also recently unveiled the "all-new" Microsoft Teams app, promising "a new era" for the video conferencing service. 

The upgraded app will run up to twice as fast, and consume up to 50% less memory and disk space than classic Teams, but also features Copilot, which the company says will be able to analyze chats and calls to provide short summaries of all the key points, action items and decisions, which can then be shared and collaborated on in Teams. 

Using Microsoft Graph, Copilot can also dig through your documents, presentations, emails, calendar invites, notes, and contacts to find exactly the information you need and bring it together in one place.

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