Microsoft is retiring a key part of its Azure developer platform

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In a surprise move, Microsoft has confirmed the retirement of Azure IoT Central, a crucial part of its Azure developer platform, leaving developers faced with uncertainty.

The Register notes Microsoft has confirmed the retirement of the service, but users will have until March 31, 2027, before Azure IoT Central becomes unavailable.

Microsoft describes Azure IoT Central as a “ready-made UX and API surface for connecting and managing devices at scale,” and continues to sell licenses online.

Azure IoT Central sunsets in 2027`

A statement to customers, seen by The Register, reads: “Starting on April 1, 2024, you won’t be able to create new application resources; however, all existing IoT Central applications will continue to function and be managed. Subscription xxx is not allowed to create new applications. Please create a support ticket to request an exception.”

The website still welcomes new subscriptions and free trials, boasting no upfront cost, no termination fees, and a model where users pay for only what they need.

Besides direct customers, other companies also use Azure IoT Central. Nvidia’s Fleet Command hybrid cloud platform integrates with Microsoft’s service. Customers can also connect with other services from Azure IoT Central.

The company’s decision to end support comes as a shock, but providing three more years is certainly a reasonable offer. When IBM ended support for its Watson IoT service, it gave customers around a month to find an alternative, offering no direct successor. 

TechRadar Pro has asked Microsoft to clarify its decision and share any further context, but the company did not immediately respond.

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