Google’s AI app development suite is getting Android and iOS expansions

Project IDX iOS simulator support
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Project IDX, a Google initiative to provide a web-based app development suite with AI enhancements, is getting support for Android and iOS development as the company moves towards simplifying and negating some of the challenges that developers have faced so far.

The introduction of an iOS simulator accessible from the browser, specifically, will be a welcome move that breaks down barriers for iOS development, which typically revolves around using a Mac.

Launched last year as an early access program, Project IDX puts a code editor, a remote terminal, templates, and a web preview all in one easy-to-use browser window.

Project IDX now supports Android and iOS

In an announcement, Google said that its developers had already been using Project IDX internally to speed up development.

The development is a noteworthy one for Flutter users, because they will now be able to test changes across Android, iOS, and web versions simultaneously. 

iOS simulation has been labeled as “experimental,” which means its functionalities may be limited at first, however it’s a big step in the right direction and eliminates the need for developers to have to buy a dedicated Mac, which can be an expensive option for cross-platform, low-scale developers.

Besides adding support for the two mobile operating systems, Google also claims to have acted on user feedback. Now, templates for Astro, Go, Python/Flask, Qwik, Lit, Preact, Solid.js, and Node.js have also been made available.

Other enhancements include automatic firewall configuration, instant access to command-line tools, and improved Docker support. Google has also expanded its AI capabilities to 15 more countries, including Brazil, Canada, India, and Singapore.

Looking ahead, a separate feature tracking post reveals that Google is actively exploring bringing its AI tools to even more countries, subject to legalities and technicalities.

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