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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro review

Take one Vivaz, add a keyboard and suddenly, you're a pro

The definitive Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro review
The definitive Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro review

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

We often feel really bad for giving Sony Ericsson phones such a hard time – the Satio, the Aino, the Vivaz... all did badly in our tests recently.

This makes us sad as we really want a phone that will take us back to the days when Sony Ericsson ruled the roost and made cool, functional phones by the bucketload.

Sadly, the Vivaz Pro isn't such a device, as you've gathered from the review – so before any of you get any ideas otherwise, we're not Sony Ericsson haters, we're just disappointed by another phone from the Swedish-Japanese alliance.

We liked

To be honest, the interface made it very hard for us to like much on the phone. Being fair, the UI didn't lag that often (although too much for a decent smartphone) and the camera is decent enough.

The HD option is a premium addition too, and the keyboard will obviously attract a lot of hardcore texters.

The small dimensions mean it sits nicely in the hand, and the overall feel isn't too bad either... Flash video was a cool extra too.

We disliked

Sadly, there's a lot here. The main problems are the interface (slow) the screen (resistive and sluggish) and the overall build quality (you saw the cracked buttons and camera lens).

The internet browser simply isn't up to the mark of other smartphones, and the accuracy of screen isn't up to much either.

Little things like the BBC iPlayer browser going to an usable portal show that the Vivaz Pro isn't ready for public consumption, and the decision to use Symbian S60 on another touchscreen has to be looked at with some amazement.

The price would be the only saving grace, but that again is far, far too high for a phone of this quality.


Part of the reason we delve into such depth in our mobile phone reviews is to make sure that users can get the right information on the phone they're about to buy, and don't get sucked in by specs.

That's sadly what a lot of people will do with the Vivaz Pro – not only will they be enamoured by a keyboard, but they will also love the sound of HD video recording.

However, we think this review is a big enough warning to not buy this phone. If you want HD video, wait for the Nokia N8.

If you want a keyboard, try out the LG Intouch Max or the Motorola Milestone – both better options in our opinion.

Essentially, Sony Ericsson has dwelt too long on the fact it used to be market leaders in media and cameraphones – while it's still at the sharp end of these categories, it's fallen way behind everywhere else.

It may get somewhere with the Android range, but this Symbian powered phone simply isn't up to scratch in this day and age – if you're tempted by the Vivaz Pro, we suggest you check out other options instead.