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HelloFax review

If you can’t lose the faxes, at least you can lose the fax machine


Our Verdict

HelloFax is a full-featured online faxing service with multiple plans to match a variety of needs. You get support for international faxes to 70+ countries, and generous faxing page allowances. However, the free tier is significantly limited, and pricing is opaque for the Enterprise plan.


  • Affordable
  • Higher monthly page limits
  • Ability to edit and sign faxes


  • Free tier too limited
  • Unlimited faxing requires Enterprise plan

Individuals, and businesses continue to have this ‘Love-hate relationship’ with their fax machines. Namely, nobody really likes their fax machine, and it feels so last millenium to send a fax these days, yet we collectively keep using the lowly fax, so it soldiers on.

While faxing has not gone the way of the telegram quite yet, at least there are options that can make it decidedly more digital. HelloFax offers such a service to assist users that continue to have faxing requirements to at least be able to ditch their fax machines.



HelloFax has a range of plans to cover the full gamut of individual and business faxing needs. Notable is that it has a free tier, that if nothing else is useful for at least trying out the basics of the service, as it includes a limited 5 fax pages (in total, not per month), and it can only send, but not receive fax documents. It also has international coverage, faxes can be signed and edited, and secure cloud storage. Heck, even the free plan integrates to a variety of online storage services, including Google Drive, Onedrive, Drop Box, Box and Evernote to send and store faxes. It is also limited to a single ‘team’ member.

The lowest paid tier of Hellofax, called “Home Office,’ is significantly more usable, which is an affordable $9.99 monthly (about £8), or even less expensive when paid annually at $99.99 (about £77) for the year. It offers all the features of the free plan, but with a higher limit of 300 fax pages per month, and a team size of 5 members. The faxes are sent as an ‘Email to fax’ as the document to be faxed is attached to an email, and then emailed to your fax number Analogously, faxes are received to your email address as a PDF attachment. There is also support for multiple fax recipients, and the availability of a free 30-day trial.

There are also three higher tiers, which include the same exact feature set as the lowest paid plan. The ‘Professional’ plan costs $19.99 (about £15) per month, and supports a team size of up to 10 members, with 500 faxed pages per month. Moving up is the ‘Small Business’ plan, that goes for $39.99 (about £31) per month, can support up to 20 team members, and up to 1000 faxed pages per month. Both give a discount to the pricing when paid yearly, which amounts to 2 free months with the annual commitment. Also making the decision easier is a free 30-day trial to see how it suits your business faxing needs.

For larger businesses with even heavier faxing needs is the Enterprise plan. This is a custom plan that can be configured with features to suit the business, but there is no information on the pricing on the HelloFax site, and contact is required for a quote.



HelloFax takes the hassle out of sending and receiving faxes to that old fashioned fax machine, and allows faxes to be sent and received via email- a modern solution in our digital times. Notification of incoming faxes can be controlled via the inbox of your email account, to give contacts priority. There is an option to include a cover page, which is simple as entering the “To,” “From,” and “Message” in online dialog boxes, and HelloFax takes care of the rest.

It offers the option for a local, or toll-free number, or an existing local number can also be ported. Faxes can also be sent to 70+ international countries.

There is also the ability to be able to edit and sign documents electronically, saving the pain of printing out a fax and rescanning it just for a simple signature. For those that tend to forget passwords, or just the thought of having to create new login credentials is a stumbling block, HelloFax offers the convenience of logging in using your existing Google credentials for ease of use. There is also the option of faxing multiple recipients at once. While the faxes are received as a convenient PDF, there is of course the option to print out the document when needed for review or archiving.

HelloFax can also add or remove users to the account at no additional cost. Document security is taken seriously as also included in each plan is transmission of documents via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), with unlimited and secure (AES-256 bit encryption) file storage.

There are plenty of options for support available, starting with an online knowledge base, and a feedback forum. Furthermore, support representatives can be contacted for more complex issues.

Final verdict

While many look forward to the day when we can put our fax machine to the curb for garbage pickup, HelloFax makes this possible today, while still having the ability to send and receive faxes. Done through the convenience of email, with receipt of a fax as simple as a PDF attachment, this is truly a viable solution. With a choice of affordable plans, HelloFax offers a spectrum of solutions for individual and small business needs, although we would like to see a tier with unlimited faxing, without having to resort to the Enterprise plan.

While business is still sending faxes, HelloFax is offering a viable solution to deal with your faxing needs.