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Manfrotto 190XPROB with 804 head review

An inexpensive and simple tripod

We think this Manfrotto tripod is good without being great

Our Verdict

The 190XPROB is light, compact and versatile, but lacks the stability of the larger tripods. On uneven ground, on a windy day, with a heavy camera it can be rickety. It’s inexpensive, but some rivals put it a bit to shame.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Cheap


  • Not very solid or sturdy

The 190XPROB is a straightforward mid-range tripod from Manfrotto, but with a neat twist.

It has a unique column clamp design which means that if you release the column and pull it up to its full height, then press in a sprung catch in the base, you can rotate it through 90 degrees and use it as a horizontal boom.

Versatile tripod

This doesn't have the flexibility of some of its rivals because the column can only be vertical or horizontal, but it's useful for overhead shots or low/awkward angles. It's quick to do, too, and the column can be rotated and clamped in 15 seconds.

The tripod is good without being great. The leg catches are quite stiff (stiff catches are painful when you've got cold hands) and it's not as rigid at full height as some other tripods.

Manfrotto's 804 three-way head is quite compact, thanks to its short handles, but a little 'sticky' in its movements.