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Firefox 3.0.6 is released by Mozilla

Firefox 3.0.6
Firefox 3.0.6

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6 has been released, with the latest updating ridding the popular browser of a host of bugs.

First and foremost, Mozilla has addressed the Javascript issue which could potentially allow a hacker to run unauthorized code through the exploit.

On a less critical note, there are also changes to the way in which scripted commands work with plug-ins, and a fix for a problem that saw parts of the browser not displaying properly after prolonged use.

The community had asked for the client ID to be removed from crash reports – and have been granted their wish and several stability issues have been solved.

Bug off

Of the 71 bugs filed in Bugzilla, 69 are tagged as fixed – in what is likely to be a testing time for Mozilla.

The Firefox browser has managed to capture a big slice of the market from the dominant Internet Explorer – moving past 20 per cent last year and closing in on taking a quarter of the market.

However, with the much-improved IE8 close to a full release and Windows 7 – which will have IE8 as the default browser – on the horizon Mozilla will have to ensure it is at its strongest to ensure no momentum is lost.