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Cryo shows off 'most powerful' SFF PC

Cryo Nano - actual size* (*not really)
Cryo Nano - actual size* (*not really)

Perfomance computer specialists Cryo have unleashed their latest computer – claiming that the Cryo Nano (Nehalem) is the most powerful small form factor PC on the market.

The Nano has been built to give those with a love of small but powerful PCs an object to desire, boasting water cooling, an Intel Core i7 (or i5) processor and up to 6GB of triple-channel RAM.

"Cryo have broken the rules again and shown how a small-form-factor (SFF) PC can also be used for compute intensive tasks such as gaming, 3D imaging, CAD, engineering, science and finance," says Cryo in its release.

"The Cryo Nano comes in two Intel Nehalem flavours both i5 and the daddy of processors the i7 with triple channel and HyperThreading."

The specs for the fully pimped out Core i7 Nano are:

· Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz QPI 4.8GT/s, Cryo Boost™ 3.9GHz+ QPI 6GT/s+

· Motherboard: Asus or MSI X58 or P55 chipset motherboards

· Memory: 6GB Corsair PC3-12800 1600MHz CAS7

· Storage: Intel ICH10R RAID0 1TB - 2x Seagate 7200.12 500GB

· Graphics: Zotac GTX275, Cryo Boost™ applied

· Optical: Samsung S223 22x DVD-RW

· PSU: Corsair 650W TX

· Chassis: Lian Li V351 modified

· Cooling: Corsair H50 water cooling and Noctua 120mm fans