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New Google Toolbar dials Firefox up a notch

Firefox just got even more useful

Power Firefox users have probably already bolted on all the extras they can dream of, but a new tweak from Google will surely be of massive benefit to the rest of us.

The latest version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox is technically a beta, but it seems to work just fine for us. Its most significant new feature tarts up new tabs to alter them from boring empty spaces to useful browsing resources.

New tabs

Now, a quick CTRL+T to create a new tab will show a cluster of thumbnail images of the nine most-visited websites, while a list of recently closed or bookmarked sites is easy to access in a right sidebar.

Naturally, the point is to make it simple to get to the most frequently used pages or to keep a running list of what's been opened, closed and bookmarked over the last few minutes.

Speed Dial

There are Firefox add-ons from other developers that do mostly the same thing – Speed Dial is a great example – but the power of Google generally means we're really looking at a new standard here.