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Hotmail leak: Most popular password? 12345

Think, think, what is a foolproof password?
Think, think, what is a foolproof password?

A security blogger has combed through the phished Hotmail details that have hit the web to discover the most popular password is, wait for it, 12345.

The news, which can't help but remind TechRadar of a scene from sci-fi spoof Spaceballs, comes from Acuntetix blogger Bogdan Calin.

Calin found that, of the 10,000 accounts, 82 used 12345, and other popular candidates included 12345678, 1234567 and 111111.

Very poor passwords

"As we can see and conclude from the list above, a big majority of users still use very poor passwords: 42 per cent (lower alpha only) and 19 per cent (numeric only), while only 6 per cent from all the passwords had ones which use a selection of alpha numeric and other characters."

It's become increasingly apparent that phishing has been responsible for the leaked data – anyone care to draw a comparison between people who fall for phishing scams and people who use idiotic passwords?