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Coca-Cola 'delighted' at Twitter sponsored tweet success

Twitter - new advertising push
Twitter - new advertising push

Coca-Cola's first foray into advertising through Twitter have been a 'phenomenal' success according to the drinks giant.

Coca-Cola used the sponsored tweets option to benefit from the buzz around the World Cup, and is delighted by the response.

"The amount of impressions in such a short period of time around our whole World Cup campaign, to me it was a phenomenal time," Coca-Cola's Carol Kruse told the FT.

"It made this emotional connection at the time, it was great."

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

"We have formed fabulous relationships with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter," she continued.

"We get a lot of first looks and we jumped on that one [promoted tweets] immediately. It is the perfect example of us wanting to learn in this space."

Coca-Cola is the second company to tap into the Twitter audience in this way, following Disney Pixar.

Via FT