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Bing News UK gets refreshed look

Bing News - refreshed
Bing News - refreshed

Bing UK has refreshed its news browse feature to allow people to find the stories that matter to them more easily.

Bing is still battling for market share in the UK, where Google is not so much the 500 pound gorilla as the entire zoo, but the search engine has begun to gain a little purchase.

The refresh of the news page consists of better categorisation and follows the revelation that UKOM's (panel-based) figures suggest Bing News is bigger than Google News.


"Bing UK has a new 'news browse' page that makes it easier than ever to scan headlines and pinpoint news," said Microsoft's statement.

"With reading news one of the most popular online activities in the UK, the fresh and visual design of the new news browse page will feature even more UK sources to ensure even greater relevancy, as well as including pictures in each search result. "

Bing's UK figures are boosted, of course, by the still-popular UK branch of MSN, which funnels many people through into the search engine.