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Cubans allowed to buy PCs

Popping up in 2010

It appears that Cuba is all set to join the computer age, with a leaked memo suggesting that more sweeping changes are on the way following Fidel Castro’s decision to step aside from the presidency.

Reuters is suggesting that it has seen a copy of an instruction from the government allowing the natives of the communist country to get their hands on equipment formerly only sold to foreign businesses.

"Based on the improved availability of electricity, the government at the highest level has approved the sale of some equipment which was prohibited," the memo said.

No toast

Although TVs are available, and DVDs and videos on the way, those in dire need of a toaster (possibly to give as a wedding gift) will have to wait until 2010 due to a shortage of power supplies.

The prospects of a Cuban using this new-found freedom to access TechRadar seem remote at the present time however, with less than 2 per cent having access to the internet.

Indeed, with the electrical goods still only available for convertible pesos – rather than the Cuban pesos provided by the state for wages – the uptake of technology is not likely to be particularly widespread in the short term.