Your Microsoft Teams setup could soon get a whole lot fancier

Microsoft Teams
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Bang & Olufsen is busy preparing a number of its headsets and Bluetooth products for Microsoft Teams and Zoom certification, the firm has announced.

The premium audio company is hoping to tap into the latest hybrid working trends with its own listening devices, which gain built-in support for two of the most widely used video conferencing suites. 

John Howard, B&O’s Head of Enterprise, hopes that this move will “help accelerate [the company’s] move into the enterprise business,” as a growing number of products join the handful of devices that are already being used by homeworkers.

According to the company, workers stationed at home are turning towards “multifunctional high-end audio products” which can be used for both work and leisure purposes, including listening to high-fidelity music and participating in video calls.

Bang & Olufsen WFH audio

Howard explains that the company is hoping to grow its business over the coming years using its “long-lasting, beautiful products.” He hopes that the added certifications will enhance the company’s performance, connectivity, and functionality, as users turn to using B&O products in more environments. 

“Clear and seamless sound makes a huge difference in the hybrid work environment when you are in an online meeting or simply just want to concentrate and shut all surrounding noises out. By working with industry leading partners, we are able to offer the latest technology and software in our products," a statement from the company reads.

With more companies adopting hybrid working routines in the long term, Bang & Olufsen hopes that tapping into the millions of daily Teams and Zoom users will mean the company gains an early foothold over competitors, helping it to front the movement and build its name as the go-to sound company.

Having already partnered with tech giant HP on its Conferencing System, Bang & Olufsen is set to continue its expansion with new partnerships in the future.

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