Yahoo is giving away a free website to businesses

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Yahoo business web hosting - FREE for one year

Yahoo business web hosting - FREE for one year
Until December 31, Yahoo is helping businesses get online with a free website, domain and email package with code PAYITFORWARD. You also get access to a comprehensive website builder - so what are you waiting for?

It might be worth a reminder that Yahoo, which is now part of sprawling conglomerate Verizon, is offering web hosting services for small businesses based in the US. 

The firm is currently running an offer (ending December 31) that includes a free website, free domain name and five business email accounts for a whole year, to help businesses navigate the pandemic.

You also get access to a website builder with more than 150 templates, email inboxes with a total capacity of 1TB, a private domain registration, a business plan creator and much more.

You will need to create a Business Maker account and use the code PAYITFORWARD at checkout. After the first year, expect to pay a little less than $800, which includes a one-off legal package charge and additional state filing fee.

An interesting feature of Yahoo’s Business Maker package is that it includes hardware and software for in-person customer payments, something that may or may not be relevant depending on your line of business.

Rounding off the package is a local business directory feature that acts like a local SEO tool to help businesses raise their profiles within their community. Alternatives exist at a much lower price, but with a very minimal feature set.

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