Who solves Silicon Valley's biggest tech issues? A witch

Joey Talley

Only in the San Francisco Bay Area is calling upon supernatural forces to troubleshoot your technology considered normal. Reverend Joey Talley, a Wiccan witch who lives just outside of Silicon Valley, stays plenty busy answering to the calls of the tech world's brightest to rid their computers and smartphones of "evil spirits."

Talley will welcome any challenge for $200 per hour of service, like fixing an office alarm that just won't turn off due to being possessed by demons. SF Weekly talked with Talley who recounted helping a startup company in the Bay Area with just that issue. "I got the spirit out," said Talley. I love a happy ending.

Most calls for Talley's assistance are simple requests for her help to prevent an impending hack or virus. Talley breaks down her process for SF Weekly, saying "so I'll make charms for them. I like to use flora." But what if the device is already compromised or if stuff in the office just isn't acting right? She uses "Jet", a stone that can apparently alter energy waves. If all else fails, Talley can cast a spell over an entire office to protect against pesky spirits. That can't be cheap.

If your phone or computer is acting on the fritz in the Bay Area, don't be so quick to rationalize that all electronics will eventually break at some point. It could just be possessed.

Via Business Insider

Cameron Faulkner

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