Server downtime is the number one IT issue affecting UK business

If you believe everything you read from suppliers we are all working in and on the cloud and downtime should be a thing of the past, however a new survey from IT support company Icomm Technologies, reveals that server downtime is the number one IT issue affecting small to mid-sized businesses in the UK

The survey of more than 1,800 businesses and their technical issues found almost a quarter (22.5%) of the main IT problems were related to servers being offline because of building or power problems or outright server failure.

The two next biggest problems after server outage were both backup related and between them caused nearly a third of all IT headaches, and once again this is an area where cloud should be making these issues a thing of the past. The second biggest cause of IT headaches with nearly one in seven (16.62%) businesses affected came from problems from failed backups and this was closely followed by low disk space with just over one in six businesses affected (15.1%).

Failure was a big part of the remaining problems in the top ten , with services failing to start accounting for just over 7.09% and with hard disk and power supply failure combined accounting for more than one in ten problems.

The top ten IT issues affecting businesses are;

  1. Server Downtime 22.52%
  2. failed backups 16.62%
  3. low disk space 15.1%
  4. Services Failing to Start 7.09%
  5. Hard Disk Failures 6.55%
  6. Power Supply Failure 3.95%
  7. UPS Errors 1.89%
  8. Exchange Info store reaching limit 0.81%
  9. Servers Overheating 0.75%
  10. Not readily categorised 24.69%