Apple sued over 'exploding' iPod Touch

iPod Touch latest Apple to be accused of hot pants incident

You don't need to be a liar, liar to have your pants set on fire; just an iPod Touch, if an Ohio lawsuit is to be believed.

The mother of a child from Cincinnati is suing Apple for $75,000 (£54,000) in damages - and the same in legal fees - after she said her son's Apple iPod Touch burst into flames in his pocket.

The child reportedly turned his iPod Touch off, then noticed a burning sensation and saw that his trousers were on fire.

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According to reports in Ars Technica, "the Apple iTouch had burned through the plaintiff's pants pocket and melted through his nylon/spandex underwear, burning his leg," resulting in second degree burns.

The lawsuit names Apple and 10 retail assistants, alleging "gross negligence and recklessness", as they conducted themselves "maliciously and fraudulently when selling the iTouch".

This isn't the time Apple has gotten into hot water over exploding iPods - there was a spate of iPod nanos bursting into flame in 2007 and 2008, either while charging or in people's pockets.

Via Ars Technica.