One More Thing: Zynga admits Draw Something defeat

One More Thing: Zynga admits Draw Something defeat
Draw them some money, will you?

OMGfizzle - In a move that will surprise approximately no one, Zynga is having to write-off most of the money it spent on OMGPOP, the company behind the once-popular Draw Something app. [



Old school - Remember Hipstamatic? It was Instagram before Instagram was Instagram, and the app has just had an update to make it compatible with the iPhone 5; it's now iOS 6 and longer Retina display-ready and lets you shoot multiple exposures, which is pretty nice. [Cult of Mac]

Vroom - Are electric cars actually worse for the environment than petrol-powered ones? The Guardian investigates and concludes that only time will tell. Still worth a read at the source link though. [Guardian]

Whippersnapper - Happy 20th birthday to the Lenovo ThinkPad, the first laptop to come with an integrated CD-ROM and the only laptop certified for use on the International Space Station. [Lenovo]

Sky Go-lf - As you might expect with a tense sporting event where many people would be keen to keep watching but not distrub their other halves, Sky Go had a bumper weekend due to the Ryder Cup. Apparently 200,000 people were watching at its peak, although many more were no doubt watching birdies on the internet. [PR]

Remake-able? - You might say that Netflix is launching the US version of the hit BBC political thriller House of Cards as an exclusive on February 1 2013 but we couldn't possibly comment. You also might want to leap to the assumption that it stars the awesome Kevin Spacey and the first two episodes are directed by David Fincher. [Slashgear]

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