One More Thing: Boobs - the ultimate downfall for hackers and China

One More Thing: boobs - the ultimate downfall for hackers and China
Hacker made to look a tit

It's Friday – but you don't need us or indeed Rebecca Black to tell you that. All you have to do is look around you and see the smile on everyone's faces and that glassy 'the weekend is here' look in their eyes.

But before you log off this wonderful thing called the web, we have a few tech missives for you. Two of which are about bosoms and, well, unfortunately it's all downhill for there on in…

Tit-anic – There was a huge rumour going round the internet that China decided that the sight of Kate Winslet's breasts in Titanic 3D were so offensive that they had gone and digitally altered the movie so they would no longer, well, pop out. It turns out the whole thing was a hoax though. No not the sinking of the Titanic but the bit about Winslet's boobs – to be fair China has history of digitally altering the world around them, so no wonder everyone thought it was real. [The Guardian]

Hacker makes a boob – A hacker in Australia, thought to be part of the Anonymous collective, has been arrested after a picture of his supposed girlfriend's cleavage was found on the web alongside his hacking credentials. Police apparently tracked him by checking the coordinates of the saucy image. Now that's what we call trying to get abreast of the hacking situation in Oz. Ahem. [IBTimes]

Rocket ruckus – North Korea's highly controversial rocket launch ended in embarrassment this week, after the proposed spectacle to show the West who is boss ended with the rocket malfunctioning. *Enter a joke about N Korea not being able to get it up here*. [BBC]

Wright stuff – Director Edgar Wright has shown the world he is a genius once again with the launch of his online comic Brandon Generator. The production is in conjunction with Internet Explorer and stars Julian Barratt as narrator and music by David Holmes. The whole thing has been made to show off the possibilities of HTML5 – and you can check it out by going to Great stuff.

Brandon Generator

Brandon Generator - Edgar Wright's latest creation

Mars Attacks – When David Bowie sang about 'Life On Mars' in 1971, many thought we would never see the existence of Martians in our lifetime. Turns out though, the Viking probe which touched down on the Red Planet in 1976 did actually find microbes but it's only taken till now for scientists to discover this. Let the conspiracy theories begin. [Register]

Dragster's suck – What does a designer from Dyson do in his spare time? Well the answer is obvious: he builds a mini dragster out of vacuum parts. The result is an eye opener. [Engadget]

Eye spy – The Pentagon has decided that real eyes are a thing of the past and has put in an order for contact lenses with a heads up display built in them. These Terminator style HUDs will be created by Innovega and are to be funded by the US government. So, the US gets awesome contacts and all we have are MPs who make a spectacle of themselves. Sigh. [BBC Click]

Burn baby burnApple has paid out a few thousand Yen to a couple in Japan whose iPod nano overheated to such an extent the woman received burns. In all they get around £4,000 for the battery mishap. [Digital Trends]

Google can see clearly nowGoogle is so invested in Google Glass that it is set to offer prescription versions of the technology to people who actually need glasses to see – unlike those crazy hipsters you see in east London. "We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we're experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames," said Google.

So, expect NHS specs that tell you where to go soon. [Electronista]

Like the internet, only smaller – The quantum internet was born recently, with Nature magazine reckoning this moment will have just as much importance as when the real internet began. Consisting of two atoms, some optical fibre and mirrors, the quantum internet will eventually hold infinite amounts of data and will be free from hackers. It's small steps at the moment but this could well be the future of how information will be stored. Mind-blowing stuff. [Discovery]

Payne relief – Want to see how much time and effort is going into making the new Max Payne game? Well, check out our video which shows the designers doing their thing.

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