Amazon continues constructing its IoT stable

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Amazon has gone stealth in its steps to build up an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy by quietly taking on board Denver-based startup 2lemetry.

The acquisition, which has been confirmed by TechCrunch, gives Amazon an IP-enabled machine and connected device management and tracking solution geared towards enterprises.

Financial terms have not been disclosed yet the firm, which was founded in 2011, raised some $9 million (around £6.1 million, or AU$11.7 million) in venture funding including a $4 million (around £2.7 million or AU$5.2 million) funding round in January 2015 that comprised investment from a number of parties such as Salesforce Ventures.

2lemetry's primary product is a flexible IoT platform that can interact with any system. ThinkFabric works by managing communication between IoT devices and the rest of the world, providing powerful data analysis, mission-critical insights, and guaranteed data delivery. It is highly scalable and there are no limits on the devices that can be connected meaning that even legacy devices can interact.

Where will it sit?

It also has two solutions in the shape of Integrate, which extends the power of ThinkFabric by simplifying integration with enterprise apps or databases, and Incoming, which enables location and proximity sensing, facial recognition and geo-fencing for people, places and things.

It's unclear where 2lemetry will be incorporated into the Amazon's growing IoT business with the likelihood that it will be integrated into the Amazon Web Services portfolio and taken on from there.