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London is Wi-Fi capital of the world

Large parts of London are covered by blanket Wi-Fi coverage

London has overtaken New York as the new "wireless capital of the world", according to a report. The number of wireless access points in London has increased by 160 per cent since last year, internet security firm RSA said.

The total number of Wi-Fi access points - both public and corporate hotspots - is now 7,130, up from 2,747 in 2006.

However, many of these hotspots are still unsecured. The report welcomes the increased use of encryption technology such as 802.11i and WPA. But it said that between 20 and 25 per cent of business Wi-Fi networks are still unsecured.

"As we evolve toward a 'wireless everywhere' world, we are witnessing enormous leaps in wireless connectivity, as highlighted by London's explosive growth in access points over the course of the last year," said Christopher Young, vice president of consumer and access solutions at RSA.

"Despite an overall increase in Wi-Fi networks across the capital, London trails behind New York when it comes to public hotspots - only six per cent of the noted access points are hotspots compared to New York's much wider coverage at 15 per cent," said Chris Eagle, communication manager at .