Our first look at the new, foldable Google Glass

Our first look at the workplace-centric Google Glass Enterprise
Image Credit: 9to5 Google

After much speculation over what the next Google Glass will look like, to include some wacky-looking potential designs, images of Google's upcoming wearable have finally surfaced.

A recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission shows off a new Google Glass setup, rumored to be the Enterprise Edition.

Designed primarily for use in the workplace over the previous, more consumer-minded Explorer Edition, the Enterprise Edition sports a more durable build and appears to fold like a normal pair of glasses.

A larger viewing prism also appears to be present, as well as a magnetic port for an attachable battery casing. 9to5 reports that the new Glass build is also waterproof, sports an improved battery life, and 5 GHz WiFi connectivity to handle uploading all those first-person videos shot with the front-facing camera.

According to the FCC's report, the power button has also been relocated to the back of the device, which is yet another improvement over the original Explorer's design.

While the upgrades seen on the Enterprise Edition are a big step up, this version is reportedly intended exclusively for Google's "Glass for Work" program, in which the wearable will be used by businesses for work solutions.

This means that the design may not be representative of a "true" Google Glass 2, and it's still unclear if Google plans to make a consumer version.

While Google has yet to officially recognize the Enterprise's existence despite the FCC's reveal, we have confidence more news on the product and what's in store for Project Aura will appear in good time.

Top Image Credit: 9to5 Google

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