WD Black's latest SSD for PS5 is here, and it's not cheap

The latest SSD for PS5 is here, and it comes in the form of the WD Black SN850P. You may want to have a serious conversation with your wallet before purchasing, though.

The WD Black SN850P SSD for PS5, as with prior generations of the company's storage tech, is an officially licensed PlayStation product. So you can expect a high degree of quality, especially as the preceding model, the WD Black SN850, ranks among our best SSDs for PS5.

The SN850P comes in three storage sizes. The 1TB model costs $159.99 / £123.99. Bumping up to the 2TB model will run you $249.99 / £198.99. But if you truly want your storage to last, you can take the plunge on the 4TB model for $549.99 / £415.99. Though we do have to say that just one extra terabyte should be enough for most gamers.

You can shop for the product yourself over at Western Digital's official store page.

WD Black SN850P SSD for PS5

(Image credit: Western Digital)

If you're balking at the price, there is some good news. All WD Black SN850P models come pre-fitted with a heatsink, so there's no need to buy one separately, or worry about fitting your own.

The latest model also boasts improved read and write speeds over its predecessor. The SN850P clocks in a sequential read performance of approximately 7300MB/s, and a sequential write performance of 6600MB/s. In both cases, that's a pretty substantial improvement over the SN850.

Thanks to the inclusion of a heatsink, WD Black has ensured installing the M.2 SSD is foolproof and relatively stress-free. However, you can read up on our guide to how to install an M.2 SSD in your PS5 if you require extra guidance.

WD Black has been on a bit of a streak recently when it comes to console-based storage hardware. The brand recently launched the WD Black C50 Xbox Expansion Card, and it's a surprisingly affordable solution for boosting storage on Xbox Series X|S.

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