The WD Black C50 Xbox Expansion Card is here - and is cheaper than we thought

WD Black C50 Xbox Expansion Card
(Image credit: Western Digital)

If you've been after more storage for your Xbox console, you might just want to check out WD Black's latest expansion card.

The WD Black C50 Expansion Card for Xbox has finally launched and is available in two capacities for boosting storage on your Xbox Series X|S console. There are 512GB ($79.99 / £89.99) and 1TB ($149.99 / £149.99) cards available, and both can be bought now from Western Digital's online store.

That's actually cheaper than what was initially leaked by Best Buy back in April of this year. The US retailer briefly listed the C50 with a price tag of $179.99. Now knowing it's even cheaper than that positions the C50 is a worthwhile alternative to the Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card, and potentially one of the best Xbox Series X accessories you can buy.

You're getting a slightly better deal for the C50 if you live in the US, but overall, the WD Black C50 is significantly cheaper than Seagate's official 1TB card, which retails for $219.99 / £254.99.

WD Black C50

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Xbox storage cards are a very convenient way to increase the amount of storage available on the console. Simply slot one into the Storage Expansion port on the back of your Xbox and you're good to go. Unlike the best SSDs for PS5, there's no need to open up the console to install.

That makes them ideal for services like Xbox Game Pass, especially if you like to download a lot of games without resorting to deleting old favorites. However, that convenience comes with a trade-off. Storage expansion cards are usually pricier than a Gen 4 SSD. However, WD Black is somewhat closing the gap here with the price of the C50.

It's true that the Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card frequently gets discounted, but even its best price on Amazon, for the 1TB variant specifically, just about matches the retail price of the C50. Overall, then, if you're after a cheaper storage solution from a manufacturer with a proven track record, the C50 is definitely one to consider.

The launch of the WD Black C50 Xbox Expansion Card comes right before the Xbox Games Showcase, which is expected to primarily feature in-game footage. Potentially, that means we'll be seeing some new Xbox Game Pass favorites at the event.

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