Wahoo! New Nintendo 3DS gets a bonkers Black Friday deal


Thinking of picking up a New Nintendo 3DS in time for Pokémon Sun & Moon's launch on November 18? You could wind up saving some serious green on the Nintendo handheld just by waiting a week longer.

Nintendo revealed today that a new model of the New Nintendo 3DS will arrive on November 25 - the day after Thanksgiving - with an equally Black Friday-esque price of just $99.

The discounted portable comes in a black or white Mario-themed variant, both of which sporting an assortment of Mushroom Kingdom characters, such as Goombas, Boos, and the jovial jumping plumber himself.

A Nintendo spokesperson told us that most major retailers can expect to have the wallet-friendly New 3DS package stocked in time for the Black Friday festivities.

It was also clarified that the $99 price tag is specific to the newly announced model, meaning that those looking to score that special Super Mario 3D Land bundle for cheap will have to look elsewhere - like our roundup of this month's best 3DS deals.