Virgin Media Business now offers UK’s fastest broadband – but there’s a catch

Virgin Media Business has launched new ultrafast broadband deals service which boasts a base download speed of up to 350Mbps – but the catch is that it’s aimed at small businesses, as opposed to the average consumer.

The new service is called Voom Fibre, and Virgin Media Business claims that it’s over four times faster than the speeds offered by rival service providers in the business market (primarily referring to BT’s FTTC speeds of up to 76Mbps).

As of May 2, not only new customers, but also existing business customers will get 350Mbps download speeds as standard.

Vooming fast

In total, Voom Fibre will offer customers a selection of three price plans with differing upload speeds, starting at £30 per month, with the more expensive subscriptions running to £40 and £55 monthly.

The plans will also offer further options that can be bolted on if your business requires them.

The company also said it wanted to support SMBs beyond simply providing a fast broadband connection, and to that end, is developing a community which enables people to share and collaborate with other likeminded small business owners in their local area.

Peter Kelly, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business (pictured above), commented: “We are passionate about seeing businesses grow and be the best they can be, so we’re creating a community made up of entrepreneurial dreamers through to established small business owners who will be able to connect with likeminded professionals.”

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