Virgin Media Business aims to do VPN better with package for remote workers

Virgin Media Business has launched a new service designed to be dead easy to use, and to allow workers to remotely access their company network via an IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) connection.

Business Anywhere will work for employees on the move using laptops, tablets or mobiles – any device with a SIM slot, basically.

It allows workers to tap directly into their corporate network over the EE mobile network, with Virgin Media Business offering a seamless solution as there is no need to manually verify the employee’s device.

Rather than having to rely on cumbersome user-based methods like verification tokens, Business Anywhere features automatic SIM card authentication, so it all happens without the employee needing to do anything.

An IPVPN connection doesn’t use a public internet connection like a normal VPN, but instead operates an encrypted tunnel over a private connection to the company network.

In short, it’s more secure, and Virgin Media Business wants to make sure the system has equal benefits in terms of being streamlined and convenient to use.

Simple and secure

Rob Orr, Executive Director of Sales at Virgin Media Business, said: “We know that businesses want simple, secure IT solutions that just work. Business Anywhere allows remote workers to access everything they need to collaborate while away from the office. It sets a new standard for remote working by allowing people to carry their corporate network with them wherever they go.”

Business Anywhere will launch in January on the EE network, and promises a quick setup time – the system can also be used to set up pop-up offices at any temporary location using a portable Wi-Fi router.

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