Two new 2TB and 512GB storage expansion cards announced for Xbox Series X/S

Showing all three Seagate expansion cards, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced two new 2TB and 512GB Seagate storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S.

Seagate and Xbox designed a single 1TB proprietary expansion card, last year shortly after the release of the Xbox Series X/S, that you can easily plug into the back of your Xbox Series X/S, without using any screwdrivers. However, since then, users have been asking for more storage options to expand their Xbox Series consoles, so the announcement of new storage options should be welcome.

The 512GB storage card is available to pre-order from Walmart in the US for $139.99 (about £100 and AU$190) and will launch in mid-November. The 2TB storage card is available to pre-order in November for $399.99 (about £290, AU$530). There currently has been no word on the official UK or Australian pricing, but hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

Analysis: Does Xbox have a good storage solution?

 Meanwhile, Sony took a different approach to expand the PS5 storage. The PS5 expansion slot is non-proprietary, so any third-party SSD that meets the dimensions of the slot, hits the PS5’s 5,500 MB/s or faster read and write speeds, and has a heat sink attached, can be installed into the slot. This could mean that SSDs for the PS5 will likely become cheaper in the future as the drives become more widespread with PC builders. Meanwhile, Xbox SSD cards may not see prices drop as quickly.

Yes, the Xbox storage solution is much easier than the PS5, as you don’t need a screwdriver, you just plug and play. However, price is king, and if SSDs for the PS5 become cheaper than Xbox storage cards, it’ll be easy to conclude who has the better storage solution.

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