This Xbox Series X and PS5 Souls-like game gets its performance confirmed

A warrior facing a dragon
(Image credit: Team Ninja / Koei Tecmo)

The wait for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t too long now. The open-world souls-like has had its Xbox Series X and PS5 performance specs officially confirmed by developer Team Ninja. The game launches on March 3. 

I’ve had my eyes on this Xbox Series X and PS5 title ever since Team Ninja revealed it in the summer. From the gameplay I’ve seen, it looks like the perfect blend of Ninja Gaiden's combat combined with Dark Souls’ trademark boss design and exploration. Fortunately, for such a big game, the performance on both the current and previous generation consoles looks encouraging. 

You’ve got two graphical modes with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. These are Resolution and Performance. Either option will run this Souls-like at a targeted 60fps, but with Performance prioritized the resolution will be decreased to opt for a higher framerate. 

It’s not outlined by Team Ninja’s official technical performance listing whether or not the game will feature ray tracing or any other enhanced fidelity options at this time. However, should this intensive lighting technique be a part of the game, it would most likely run closer to 30fps if recent game launches like Dead Space last month are any indication. 

Previous generation consoles are also getting Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty but you can expect significantly reduced performance for the now decade-old Xbox One and PS4. That’s because this hack and slasher is confirmed to run at targeting 30fps regardless of the resolution output. 

While the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro are capable of pumping out 4K visuals but with no improvement to the framerate performance. It’s worth noting that the developers have stated that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty ‘targets’ 30fps so it remains to be seen as to how consistent this title will be on the aging hardware. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty looks to be one of the more ambitious Souls-like games I’ve seen in recent years. It looks to me like an evolution of the Nioh and Ninja Gaiden franchises with the trademark savagely fast and brutal combat you would expect from Team Ninja. What’s particularly exciting if you’re thinking about picking it up on Xbox platforms is that it’s coming to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on Day one with only a few weeks to go.  

Aleksha McLoughlin

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