This phone network wants to kill off SIM cards for good

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Device and chipset manufacturers will be able to include Truphone’s eSIM platform in their products free of charge in a move that could accelerate adoption of the technology.

Software-based eSIMs marry the functionality and capability of a SIM card with the ability to change provider remotely, aiding consumer choice, enabling new service models, and offer manufacturers greater flexibility in design.

eSIMs also transform the economics of mass IoT deployments that rely on sensors being left untouched for up to ten years.

eSIM adoption

While Apple has included eSIM support in its devices as standard, other manufacturers have been reticent, possibly because of the additional costs involved. 

By only charging customers once the eSIM has been activated, Truphone hopes to have removed a significant barrier to adoption and increase the installed base.

Meanwhile its platform can handle the remote provision and management of individual eSIMs.

In addition to the other benefits, Truphone is also touted the environmental advantages of software-based SIM technology. It argues that eSIMs reduce the carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing and distribution of physical SIM cards, while also eliminating plastic waste. As the number of connected devices around the world increases in the coming years, it believes this to be not insignificant.

“Having built a complete eSIM ecosystem from the ground up, Truphone is able to demolish the traditional barriers to achieving a SIM-free world,” declared Truphone’s Michael Moorfield. “Our vision is to remove barriers and provide access to our software that will enable global players and innovative start-ups to embrace eSIM in all of their products.”

TruPhone worked with Apple on the integration of eSIM tech into its devices and works with more than 50 mobile operators around the world, including BT and KPN.


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