This password manager is a remote working essential - and it’s also extremely affordable

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Managing your online accounts effectively can sometimes prove challenging, but now that many of us are working from home as a result of the pandemic, doing so has become even more important.

Keeper Unlimited Plan - $73.48 for 3 years | 1 user

Keeper Unlimited Plan - $73.48 for 3 years | 1 user (30% off)
This plan is limited to a single user, but is still packed with features. Generate secure passwords, store identity and payment information and more on an unlimited number of devices.

Keeper Family Plan - $157.48 for 3 years | 5 users

Keeper Family Plan - $157.48 for 3 years | 5 users (30% off)
All the benefits of the Unlimited Plan, but for a greater number of users - plus a healthy 10GB of secure cloud storage for storing all your sensitive files.

The key to effectively securing your online accounts, whether personal or corporate, lies in enlisting the right tools and services. Using a leading password manager, for example, allows you to organize your tangled web of online accounts and ensures each of them is as well-protected as possible.

There are plenty of password managers out there to choose from, but with Keeper Security’s latest discounts, protecting yourself against password-related cyberattacks has become a whole lot cheaper.

The Keeper Unlimited Plan is now available at up to 30% off for anyone that subscribes to a three-year plan. It gives you the ability to generate secure passwords, auto-fill credentials when logging into websites, and manage as many online accounts as you like.

If you’re looking to protect multiple household members, meanwhile, the Keeper Family Plan has also received a significant price cut. It costs a little more than the single user plan, but includes all of the same facilities - plus you get 10GB of secure cloud storage to boot.

Both Keeper plans will alert you to any weak or duplicated passwords, minimizing the chances you’ll fall victim to guess-based or credential stuffing attacks, and you can also save full backups of your records and restore to a previous state at any time.