This new CMS is backed by the people that launched Twitter and Medium

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Ed: An earlier version of this article mentioned WP-Engine. A spokesperson for the company wanted to clarify that Ben Metcalfe isn't and hasn't been with WP Engine for several years. Sanity therefore is not backed by WP Engine, or the people behind WP Engine.

A new start-up that hopes to revolutionize how businesses manage their content has announced the completion of a $9.3 million Series A funding round, and confirmed further additions to its impressive list of backers.

Sanity, dubbed the “the ultimate content platform,” already powers a community of more than 50,000 content creators and handles more than 3 billion API calls per month.

The company’s most recent funding round was led by Threshold Ventures, but more interestingly, the list of other funders includes Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, Medium and Blogger, Stephanie Friedman (once of Microsoft) and Monochrome Capital, the venture capital firm launched by Ben Metcalfe (the co-founder of WP Engine).

Sanity differentiates itself from other CMS platforms by visualising content as a dynamic element within the digital experience - something subject to regular change. Customers range from e-commerce firms to brands looking to create interactive experiences to more traditional publishing services.

Impressive support

One of the reasons why Sanity is causing such a stir is due to the fact that its financial backers certainly know a thing or two about digital content. Metcalfe, in particular, can point to his work as the co-founder of the leading WordPress digital experience platform.

“Sanity has reimagined the headless CMS, bringing content closer to the developer where it can exist as the defacto content system of record across an entire organization,” Metcalfe said in a statement. “With CMS so close to my roots, I couldn’t be more delighted that Sanity is the inaugural investment for Monochrome Capital.”

Despite the start-up’s successes thus far, it looks as though it will face competition from other businesses looking to shake up the world of content creation. Other new players, including Shogun, Commercetools, Strapi, and Contentstack, are also making their mark.

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